Aug 10 2012

Adonit Jot Touch

Adonit makes a whole range of cool styli (WOW, the plural sounds SOOOO stuck up!) for use with the iPad.

The newest entry in the family is the Jot Touch and it is designed to make its siblings look up to it with envy and longing. It is a pressure sensitive, blue tooth stylus that gives you silly levels of control when drawing within one of the supported apps. If you press harder the line can get thicker and there are a couple of buttons on the stylus to control features like switching the tool that you are using in your drawing app without opening a menu! Tres cool!

If you have ever used a Wacom tablet the idea and implementation will be very familiar to you and this is a really cool tool for graphics professionals. As we see more and more truly professional apps on the iOS platform this is the direction that creative production is going and this makes a great tool for it.

Check out the video from the visual arts artist from LOTR, Roger Kupalian.

Jot Touch Demo

Not quite ready to drop $100 on the idea? Adonit makes and entire line of styli (that snobby word again!) from $19 up so you can experience the added precision of a pen type device over your fat finger.

The whole family!

Time to scribble away! Do you think they have a product called the “tittle” coming along to match up with the jot??

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