Feb 21 2013

Act Globally, Think Locally

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I love it when a company thinks out of the box…I mean, in the box…or rather with a box!

WaterField Designs is one of those companies that makes spectacular products in the US with great customer service and just a WEE bit of attitude!

Through the end of February their domestic customers will get a box of Girl Scout cookies with every order!

Would you eat them in a box, would you eat them with a fox?
I like Gary’s Girl Scout troop, his promo must have made them whoop!
Cosmos full of sweet Samoas, Cargos packed with DoSiDos!
I would eat them with any bag, a Muzetto, Vertigo, fly their flag!
I’ll probably eat the whole darn box! Gary’s so sly just like that fox!

– Apologies to Dr Seuss

So help Gary get some room back in his warehouse and make his local Girl Scout Troop happy!

About WaterField Designs

WaterField Designs manufactures custom-fitted, high-quality laptop bags and sleeves, iPad cases, smartphone sleeves, and cases and bags for a full-range of other digital gear. All products are manufactured to exacting standards in San Francisco. More information is available at their website under “About Us.”

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