About Our Staff

Managing Editor

Me on the Thames with St Paul’s in the background

Jeff Mac- email me:

The boss, the big kahuna, the “brains” behind all of Restless Tech (God help them). Traveler,techie and the most bag-addicted person on the planet!

Contributing Editors

Ted Bahas- email me:

Ted is the kind of techie that explores every corner of a piece of gear and makes sure that he gets every iota of usefulness out of it. He is even happier if he is on the Mediterranean when it happens!


Carolee McPherson email me:

Carolee has an addiction to travel and an ability to make complex topics simple to understand. She is happiest with her toes in the sand and is far more interested in packing well than packing it all.

Justin Brammer email me:

Justin is our resident video game genius. He is a high level nerd and writes about video game tech at derez.me

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