Apr 15 2011

A few more UK pics

OK, I will give it a rest after this, but I thought I would share a couple of more pics from my trip while I was thinking about it.

This is St Paul’s, through the window at the Tate over a really modern Bridge spanning the Thames. I thought the filmstrip kind of look the window gives it was kind of cool. Well, in a “I am in a modern art museum trying to be artsy” kind of way. Of course, photography is (obviously) not my medium.

Aiming for a new versus old contrast here

The couple of ultramodern buildings right down in the midst of the antique really put me in a mood for contrast. London is filled with these juxtapositions. I couldn’t get this in a pic with some of the older stuff but it is to the right of the Queen’s Walk as you are heading toward London Bridge.

Cylon or Darth Vader?

This picture isn’t that interesting until you realize that this soccer goal is up against the wall at the Tower of London! The very green grass is in what would have been the moat around the tower. I wonder if they actually let people play down on this green? More of those perfect contrasts that make London so cool.

Soccer anyone?

This was a little side garden off of one of the paths into Cambridge University. My wife and I have kind of a game of taking pictures of cool doors and this struck me as I passed it. Also, walking around Cambridge made me see where all of the ideas for the Harry Potter architecture came from. My guide assured me that Oxford was an inspiration as well…

A Cambridge garden

My suitcase (a Tom Bihn Tristar ) got a little frisky and took my Oyster card so it could go on a jaunt on the Tube by itself!

Sneaky little suitcase!

OK, I will quit inflicting my pictures on you now for awhile!

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