Sep 06 2011

A Day of Difference

Every once in a while I have the privilege of my job doing some vacation planning for me. Unfortunately the best laid plans…

What you see above is the evidence of how depressed Lee really is and, tropical or not, this potentially neuter storm still had all the capabilities to have my family hiding inside away from its fury.

I scheduled a business trip from the panhandle to Orlando for this week and drug my family down for a bit of beach relaxation prior to my trip. Lee obviously had other plans.

Mother Nature and Lee teamed up to have us hiding inside away from the winds, pelting rain and very high surf. On the plus side, I did get to go to see “The Help” with my girls so the weekend was not a total loss.

I sent them back home for a miserable drive for both of us. My girls in 11 hours of creeping misery, and myself sitting in a beach side condo wallowing in guilt and watching the water rise higher and higher.

Tuesday came and I was on the road early to make some appointments in Pensacola and, lo and behold, something had calmed Lee’s tropical wrath. My long-lost friend the sun decided to drop in to the see what he had missed and I actually got to end the day with a walk on the beach. I even met a friend while I was out!

My friend Jelly just hanging on the beach...

It is alway a bit awe-inspiring to me what kind of difference a day can make. The wind carried away the clouds and rain, I could actually see the sky and below you can see the view once Lee had spent the fury it had stored up on the coastline and its inland water delivery services.

Hard to believe that is the same beach, shot from the same balcony a mere 24 hours apart. The variability of nature is part of its glory and I am always in awe of its power, and its fickle changeability.

I am off to my next set of appointments in another part of the “Sunshine State” and we shall see if the Sun will win or if Katia has other plans.

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