Mar 26 2011

Jeff who?

The world needs another blog like it needs more traffic, more commercials and more pollution. Actually, that last one may be an analogy to explore. So, why am I bothering to cast words into the ether? I guess it is sort of an arrogance to believe that anyone would care to read anything I would write. I can’t help it, it is time to express myself!

So, a bit of background on me. My name is Jeff Mac, I am in my mid forties and I am surrounded by females! Of course, three of them are my beautiful daughters, one is a dog and one is a wife that I could never hope to deserve. I tell people that I live in the estrogen zone.

I have worked in the restaurant industry, been a professional songwriter and I currently co-own a company called Techrep Marketing which sells professional audio equipment at the wholesale level.

My interests are far ranging. I have a weakness for tech stuff and electronics, love to travel and adore cooking. I definitely consider myself an amateur foodie. I have an addiction to quality bags and luggage, am currently intrigued with “one bagging”.

I am a marginal keyboard player, marginal vocalist and all of my music comes out of a computer these days. My current 10 year goal is to revive my writing (hence this broad, poorly focused blog). I lived through my first year being in business on my own by writing for several magazines.

I am comma impaired. Run on sentences course through my veins.

Because I do travel a lot in my work, I am on the move a lot. I hope to be able to share some of the benefits of my experiences in carrying a computer all over the country to stand in front of a group of people…and ask for an adapter I forgot!

So, apologies are in order on the front end of this as I inflict you the reader (both of you) with the pangs of my experimentation in this project. I have written a ton of reviews in my time so I will likely start down that direction in the beginning.

I know that all the wisdom says to narrow your blog down to a tightly focused niche…but I am not there yet. I have exploratory time in front of me to determine my way. It is going to take some time to see what sticks in the midst of my literary thrashing. Now that was a painfully mixed metaphor.

So, the best thing I can promise you at this point is that paying attention to this silly blog won’t cost you anything but some wasted time! Wish me luck as I take the leap into the blogosphere.


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