Jan 06 2015

T-mobile Says Text Away

You can’t text while you drive, but you can while you fly. At least, if you are a T Mobile customer you can. T-Mobile continues to zig while every one else is zagging. In the last two years they have shifted away from contracts and introduced phone financing rather than contract underwriting of phones. The …

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Dec 18 2014


Getting a decent meal at a restaurant half the time would have you striking that place off of your list forever. Winning 50 percent of your games in college football won’t get you to the championship, but it will get you to a bowl game. Batting 500 in baseball would be pretty amazing. Winning the …

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Sep 19 2014

Scottish Independence- A Day in Edinburgh

I found myself in Edinburgh (it doesn’t sound like Pittsburgh…say Ed-in-burra…and roll the r’s) the day of the referendum, not entirely by accident. I woke to the announcement of a vote that had divided Scotland roughly in half. David Cameron rushed to promise more devolved powers, not just for Scotland, but Wales and Ireland as …

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Sep 11 2014

DIY Home Security

This article originally appeared at Living on the Cheap If you have reviewed your household budget lately, you might have been amazed by how many recurring monthly charges have added up over the years. One that jumped out at me recently was the amount we spend for my home security system’s alarm monitoring. ADT service starts at …

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Jul 30 2014

EMERGENCY! Bug-out bag

Be ready for the worst by preparing an emergency bag of the stuff you will need when the zombie apocalypse happens

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Jul 12 2014

STM Grip For MacBook Air Review

I tend towards minimalism when I travel. I try to carry everything on a plane when fly, so a couple of ounces here and there really add up when you are carrying everything on your shoulder or back. Because of this I will often choose to take just a smartphone or a tablet on a …

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Mar 12 2014

Travel Goods Show Highlights 2014

When Spring comes, many of our fancies turn to travel. After being cooped up inside for a couple of months we are stir crazy and ready to roam. The Travel Goods Show is set up to debut all the stuff that you will need to make sure you are ready to fly around the country …

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Mar 11 2014

BlueFlame Just the Plug 2 Review

I have this thing about traveling light. I try to take what I really need rather than a stack of stuff that I might need. The logical extension of this is being able to travel to Miami for a week with only a ziplock baggie for luggage. I will get there someday. Oh yes, I …

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Mar 07 2014

Nomad ChargeKey Review

Ah, the life of a digital nomad. Making your way from coffee shop to bistro, setting up your office wherever you go. The only limitation…the endurance of your smart phone. No battery, no work. No work, no pay, No pay…no more coffee. Digital nomads need caffeine. You see what a horrible spiral that is. Of …

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Feb 20 2014

Kelty Ascender 22 Review

What do you do when you have a business trip planned but very rarely make trips by yourself? You can either use one of your daughter’s pink suitcases or, if you’re lucky like I am, you can ask your tech-savvy, world-travelling uncle if he has a bag to borrow. I have nothing against the color …

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